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G1™ Plus Oil Lubrication Pump, 90-240 VAC, 8 Liter, DIN, Low Level

G1 Pump, A-24NC-4L0A00-LD000000

Model No: 94G046
RRP: £720.00 +VAT
OUR PRICE: £540.00 +VAT
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Simple solution. Sophisticated results. Choose the user friendly Graco G1 Pump when you need a reliable, simple alternative to manual lubrication. Work smarter and get better productivity from your equipment with G1 Series lubrication pumps.

Automatic Lubrication for Series Progressive Metering Systems

– G1 Plus has built-in on/off timer with optional low level feature that shuts down the pump when empty. Manual run initiates lube cycles on-demand with the option for remote control.
– 8 liter reservoir
– Connect to 90-240 VAC

Built-in Versatility
Available with stirring paddle and wiper arm to keep material from separating. Optional follower plate ensures grease stays level for extreme angle installations.

Hard Working Pump
G1 comes with one pump element installed that reliably delivers lubricant when you need it.

Achieve Uninterrupted Material Flow
With its advanced flow dynamics the contoured base flows lubricants directly to the pump inlet, significantly reducing stagnant areas where grease can separate.

Experience Our Long Life Design
Engineered offset drive design minimizes load and stress on the motor and pump element.

Weight 5 kg