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GL-33 Replacement Stainless Steel Grease Injector, 1/8 Outlet

Kit, Grease, SST, GL33

Model No: 24W485
RRP: £82.00 +VAT
OUR PRICE: £82.00 +VAT
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Choose durable, long-lasting Graco injectors to perform your lubrication automatically and minimize downtime and maintenance costs. Graco’s GL-33 grease injector systems are easy to design, fast to set up and allow you to add or subtract lube points without having to redesign your lubrication system.

Accurate, reliable lubrication for every lube point on your machine

Seven outlet fitting sizes available
Convenient front-mounted visual indicator pin
One-Piece, Machined Body provides exceptional durablity
Longer lasting seal design for trouble-free performance
Precision-honed components for reliable operation in challenging environments
Adjustable output volume from .001–.003 cubic inches (0.02–0.05 cm3)
Operating pressures from 1200-3500 psi (83-241 bar) for optimal performance with up to NLGI #2 grease
Offered both as a stand-alone injector and replacement injector for manifold systems, allowing you to custom fit the injectors to your applications

Weight 1 kg