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Supply Unit, Check-Mate, 40:1, S/S, MaxLife, 3" S20 Ram, Integ Air Ctrls, 20L S/S Flat Platen, Single PTFE Wiper

Check-Mate RAM, 61:1, 24VDC, S20, 20L

Model No: CM9JMF
RRP: £10,645.00 +VAT
OUR PRICE: £10,645.00 +VAT
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Graco Supply Systems reliably deliver one-component sealants, adhesives and other medium to high-viscosity materials from pails or drums to metering and dispensing systems.

Bulk unloaders for ambient sealants, adhesives and other medium to high-viscosity materials.

For 20 liter (5 gal) pail sizes. Provides the same proven technologies as the larger systems, but with small NXT Air Motors.
Graco S20c – Same as the S20, but includes a cart
Industry-first controls give you immediate and important information at the touch of a button
Quick placement of pail
Platen wipers can be replaced in seconds
Pump’s quick-disconnect coupler, turbuckle mount and pump cartridge packings let you service the pump without removing it from the ram
High-quality, durable parts reduce maintenance time, maximize uptime

Weight 100 kg