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Direct-Mount Vent Valves for G3™ Pumps - BSPP, 24 VDC, 500-3500 psi, Normally Closed, RH

G3 MAX Normally Closed, 24 VDC NPT

Model No: 571170
RRP: £440.00 +VAT
OUR PRICE: £330.00 +VAT
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Industry leading feature for your lube system needs.

Vent valves are designed to be mounted to the G3 Electric Lubrication Pump to make it simple to install your injector based lube systems.

Easily mounts to your G3 pump.
Eliminates time and material costs associated with remote mounted vent valves.
24 VDC
Normally Closed
The normally closed valve works with the G3 Max pumps controller, and vents pressure based on the time duration you program into the G3 control.
Adjustable pressure relief is integrated into the valve, no need to purchase an additional relief valve.
Deutcsh Power Connection

Weight 1 kg